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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 24, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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arrested thousands of miles from home. >> things get heated at san francisco city hall. an issue that got a woman hot today. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, may 24. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> a professor at cal state east bay running for elective office has had a harrowing 24 hours after being thrown in jail and then been released from prison. jana katsuyama is live in hayward where the professors family tells us more. >> reporter: he has been a
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professor here for a number of years peevey he let for nigeria and has since become a political target. >> they see him as a threat to. >> reporter: she says that her husband called her last night saying that he had been arrested. he have gone on leave to campaign in nigeria. >> throughout the country that are all kinds of things include being on a hit list. >> reporter: he lost the race . his wife said he filed a fraud
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complaints. supporters believed there was an assassination attempt. >> his friends took the bullets for him. >> reporter: she says her husband felt passionate to go back to nigeria to improve malaria, aids, and improve healthcare. >> steven wanted to go and steal with that. >> he has been a target for the opposition. my worries continue because there's only so much that you can do. >> reporter: his family hopes people will urge senators to put pressure on nigeria. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. to uc berkeley graduates got some very high-profile
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support today. mohamed ali suffers from parkinson's disease but he lent his support to jane bauer and josh fattal. fattal's mother hopes ali's advocacy will broaden support. >> sierra shroud was released last year. the family of bryan stow sued the l.a. dodgers for the lack of security and proper lighting and that it provided a perfect opportunity for crime. the family's attorney says he is seeking as much as $30 million from the dodgers. >> they got rid of the head of security and two thirds of the
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security people. what happens then if you have no security? people can do anything they please and you have things like this happen. >> the man described as a primary aggressor, giovanni ramirez, was arrested sunday. the owner of the staples center in los angeles also faces a file suit over the death of a 2-year-old boy. a 2-year-old boy fell from the luxury suite at a lakers game. researchers say they plan to comb the area near the golden gate bridge for signs of a missing teenager. allison bayless was last seen at san ramon high school. her bicycle was found in a lots near the bridge. the coast guard searched the water while san francisco police scoured the shore.
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as consumer editor tom vacar explains, cameras can be used to look inside pipelines underneath populated areas. >> reporter: this is a view of the section of the racing pipeline that exploded in san bruno. this section is the section that pg&e told the california public utilities commission was most at risk of failure. >> we are looking for information inside of the pipe that would verify our records. >> reporter: this is a massive testing project because the pg&e literally has hundreds and hundreds of miles of pipeline to look at. >> we are trying to coordinate his work with the work that is ongoing to pressure test our lines throughout our service area. we are trying to do that to
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minimize the impact. >> reporter: besides inspecting sections of the pipe, chunks a protective coating are being collected and will be assessed for deterioration, all of this under the watchful eye of the state inspector. the city wants the pipe totally replaced next year. >> we expect them to honor that commitment and we will see to it as best we can that they follow through on that. >> reporter: these camera and water pressure tests will continue throughout the summer while demand is low. fireworks today at san francisco city hall as the board of supervisors voted to approve a massive renovation of the park merced complex. >> that outburst came during the public debate. the renovation plan called for
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the addition of thousands of apartments and the demolition of some 1300 units. current residence a construction will literally destroy their homes. a friend of the woman said the woman just hit the wall. >> she just cannot take it anymore. they say they will give them equal housing in the same neighborhood. that is [ bleep ]. i am sorry. >> the supervisors ended up voting 6-5 to approve the fan -- to approve the plan. a plan will save up to $1 billion over the next decade and would raise health-care and pension contributions for most workers. the proposal also cap's pension benefits and raises the retirement age from 60 to to 65. new information out tonight about a new area code for the
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south bay. 669 is being introduced because 408 is running out of numbers. new poll numbers will be assigned to the new area code. the new 669 area code is expected to debut in october next year. bart is considering buying more than 100 teasers so all officers can have their own pre- today bart passengers said they are okay with the plan. >> i agree with it. it is safer. i do not see a need for a gun at all. >> reporter: if approved bart would spend $140,000 to buy 130 130 tasers.
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after 43 years in office, the mayor of newark says he is ready for a new chapter in life. david smith says he will not go for a 17th term in office. among his -- he plans to clean out his job after his retirement in january. police say that to intruders broke into a man's home about 5:15 a.m. sunday morning. one of the robbers struck the man on the head. the assailants left without taking anything. police are looking into whether two other attempted break-ins may be attempted. the parents of a baby who police say was abducted by her grandmother spoke to ktvu today. >> you start looking at everything and wondering about everything. >> she found her four month old
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daughter ramy may seem sunday morning. -- missing sunday morning. the grandmother had reportedly been passing the baby out as her own. >> she threw herself a baby shower. people brought gifts and strollers. >> police found blood spots leading from the back door. it is not clear where the blood came from. paul also says they are treating a rash of vandalism as -- palo alto says 16 a rash of vandalism as hate crimes. the committee say they support the hate crime designation even if the vandals turned out to be juveniles. new bay area research on the japan make a quake in what it means for increased risks
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>> to the queen. >> president obama raised a toast to queen elizabeth. today's events included a visit
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with newlyweds prince william and his wife catherine's. the ash fallout from the volcano in iceland grounded many flights and one flight was delayed two hours. experts say that's the ash particles from this flu are bigger and fall from the atmosphere more quickly. at least six people are dead. one twister formed east of oklahoma city at 4:00 this afternoon and struck a semi truck. the driver survived with minor injuries. there is more distracting to reports near norman. the national weather service said at least five tornadoes touched down. the possibility of more severe weather extends to the
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devastated city of joplin, missouri. we had a live reporter setup to update us but his report was canceled due to the terrible weather we are having. still we get a recorded update from paul in joplin. >> reporter: there are new fears that the storm that spawned this large and violent twister in oklahoma tuesday could deal another blow to the people in joplin. missourians who lived through sunday's twister are still a emotional. one woman said her grandmother was headed to this car. >> hundreds remain missing including 18-year-old world war ii and who was last seen driving home from his high school graduation -- will norton, who was last seen driving home from his high
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school graduation. >> reporter: officials have vowed to complete for searches and they say so far their efforts have paid off. >> it is incredible that we are still finding people. >> reporter: tuesday they tested their tornado sirens but they say with one third of the town flattened a warning may not be enough. president obama made his promise. >> we are going to do absolutely everything we can to make sure that they recover. >> reporter: city officials say more than 120 are dead. they say more than 8000 structures were damaged in the tornado. for members of a family were found drowned in the pool and bathtub. the three bodies were in a backyard some people and the
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body of a woman was found in the bathtub. neighbors say the family appeared to be close knit. the new york police department denies it is the ones who leaked information in the case against dominique strauss kahn. a made claims that strauss kahn attacked her in a hotel room. chrysler executives celebrated. the company paid off all but 2 billion of the $10.5 billion that a received. chrysler says it sold bonds and took out a low interest loan. continued worries about a
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european debt crisis weighed on wall street. the dow fell 25 points and the nasdaq lost 12. strong demand and tight supply treated to date j.m. smucker announced an 11% price increase. among other things, chinese are drinking more coffee, fueling demand. john fowler tells us how a rebound effect could put the bay area at risk. >> reporter: the same kind of falls devastated japan. new research shows that risks here may be as great. >> this is where i live. i am not going to move.
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>> reporter: the march 11 japan quake was big because of a rebound effect discovered by a stanford geophysicist. >> it starts out here. >> reporter: it shows slip burst towards japan and then away. the discovery means reevaluating other zones such as northern california. >> there is a possibility of very large earthquakes on them. >> reporter: perhaps bigger than an magnitude nine. >> i am glad i'm going back to atlanta tomorrow. >> reporter: the last big quake
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was january 1900 and they come every three years so we could be 11 years past two. san francisco has some of the deadliest street in the nation. san francisco ranks third in the country for pedestrian deaths. two cities in new york state ranked higher. some streets are especially dangerous. a pedestrian was struck and killed earlier this month. investigators are trying to change the timing of traffic. gleeks congregate in the south bay. and is wet weather about to make another bay area opinions? >> do not forget you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live at
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at&t. >> the cast of "glee" is minutes away from taking the stage in san jose. earlier today the cast took some time to meet some "gleeks," fans of the show.
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you can catch the series finale of "glee" over on ktvu channel two. >> we have partly sunny skies and the winds are light. anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour. our temperatures now sinking back into the upper 50s, low 60s. low 60s in livermore. oakland in san francisco falling back into the 50s. we have a few clouds hanging out overhead in some areas. the clouds will continue to increase. high clouds filling in tonight and then the rain will be with us by tomorrow morning.
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areas right around eureka. this system is going to sizzle out and we are not expecting a lot of rain, but it is going to be a nuisance. temperatures will be sitting in the 60s, some upper 60s in the inland areas. not a lot of rain. it is going to be breezy at times. winds may be gusting to 30. let's bring you through tuesday night and wednesday. notice the clouds first. by tomorrow morning, a few scattered showers. it does not last too long. by the afternoon we are already cleared out. by the evening hours, maybe a few more sprinkles. for tonight we are going to be mostly cloudy and cool. tomorrow morning with that rain and clouds, it's going to feel even cooler. the afternoon highs will be 5- 15 degrees below the seasonal
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norm. we are typically hitting 80- degrees this time of year. temperatures are unseasonably cool for this time of year. 64 looks to be the warmest day along the coastline. not a bad forecast but if you like it warm, it could be better. gasia? >> the san jose sharks are facing a must win situation in vancouver or the series is over. there were concerns that the sharks captain would not be in tonight but thornton is playing. right now they are in the second period with the score tied 1-1. you can see the score tonight on our 10:00 news. that is our report for
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tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv36. have a great night. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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